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How To Segregate Plasterboard

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Recycling | 0 comments

Plasterboard is widely used in the construction industry and as such huge amounts of plasterboard waste is produced every year. Absolutely tonnes of the stuff. So what exactly happens to old plasterboard that gets thrown away?

What happens to plasterboard?

In the past small amounts of plasterboard (10%) was allowed to be tipped along with mixed construction waste. But the key material in plasterboard is Gypsum, which is classed as a non-hazardous, non-inert waste.

So in 2009 new legislation came into place stating that plasterboard could no longer be disposed of with mixed biodegradable waste. Now plasterboard and gypsum can only be disposed of in significant quantities at a limited number of sites. So it can be very expensive to get rid of.

GBN has partnered with specialist plasterboard recycling facilities so that all the plasterboard we collect can be 100% recycled. Because of this, we are able to offer plasterboard recycling services in a range of options from small wheelie bins up to large roll on/roll off containers. Whatever suits the needs of your project.

That’s why it’s important to segregate your plasterboard on-site correctly. Properly segregated plasterboard can save a lot of money when it comes to disposal costs and prevents contamination in other waste streams.

Segregating plasterboard efficiently

Though we do allow a small amount of plasterboard (between 5-10%) to be placed on top of mixed construction waste, it is far better to have a separate container on site for plasterboard/gypsum material only. This frees up more space for your other construction waste, as plasterboard is quite bulky and helps cut down on contamination.

Having a separate, clearly labelled container will encourage segregation on site. Whereas having just one container creates the temptation to throw the plasterboard in with everything else, contaminating the load and costing more money.

Our top tip for dealing with plasterboard

A great way to organise plasterboard segregation on site is to have a separate container and clearly label them so your team knows what goes where. A simple sign saying “Plasterboard” and another for “Mixed” is all it needs. Though it is important to make sure staff realise plasterboard cannot go in mixed. So proper training and a small reminder on container labels will help.

If you’ve got some plasterboard that needs recycling give us a call or check out our plasterboard recycling page where you can find out more about our service options.


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