Plasterboard Recycling

Depending on the amount of plasterboard you have, we have a range of collection options starting from small wheelie bins to large roll on roll off containers.


Since 2005, the landfilling of gypsum and other high sulphate bearing waste has been prohibited. We take your plasterboard to specialist recycling facilities where it is reintroduced into production.

We can send our dedicated plasterboard recycling vehicle to collect from just a few to 100 bins of plasterboard.

The plasterboard is then taken to a specialised recycling facility where 100% is recycled.

For larger scale producers of plasterboard, we can collect your waste in roll on/roll off containers or caged trucks. We also collect segregated plasterboard on a haulage and tonnage basis in designated wheelie bins (minimum 10 bins).


The Benefits Of Recycling Plasterboard

• Having a sustainable approach to construction and demolition can act as a differentiator in a competitive market

• Being seen as a company that embraces sustainable construction practice could enhance your reputation, strengthen your bids for new work and make you more attractive to the best employees

• Gypsum is classed as a non-hazardous, non-inert waste and can only be disposed of in significant quantities at a limited number of sites. Hence it is very expensive to send to landfill.

• Proper segregation maximises skip space and saves on collection costs

• Less material sent to landfill reduces unnecessary transport and associated pollution

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