Unique, individual, real-time reports

The jobs we undertake are sent to our staff electronically. All of our drivers use PDA’s (personal digital assistants), sometimes called hand-held computers. These most up-to-date devices are enabled with signature capture, a scanning device and a camera. And all of our vehicles have bar-codes and our skips, wheelie bins and containers are bar-coded too.

At the end of the task, our drivers follow a procedure ensuring that they:

  1. Take a photograph of the waste
  2. Record weight
  3. Record EWC code of waste
  4. Record time on site and any additional loading time
  5. Record and photograph any additional items collected
  6. Scan the skip
  7. Scan the vehicle
  8. Obtain a signature from the client
  9. Send back the details to our server where it is instantly able to be downloaded from our website in a printable format.

We believe this facility to be unique in the industry and gives our clients an up-to-the-minute understanding of how a project is running. We can be sure what vehicle carried out which job and even which skip or bin was used.

Our clients can also log on to our portal and get specific reports including:

  • Total waste data reports for a specific site or over a defined period showing how much was reused, recycled or sent for energy recovery.
  • Total spend per customer, per site or over any given period of time
  • All compliance documents such as waste licences and insurance certificates
  • Waste transfer notes and weighbridge tickets
  • Copy invoices and photographs of collected waste

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