Terms of Service

Last updated: April 18, 2017

1. Should a vehicle arrive at the specified time for a collection and the driver is unable to commence loading within 15 minutes due to no fault of GBN Services Ltd, GBN Services Ltd reserves the right to cancel the collection and levy a charge equivalent to a wasted journey. (Wasted journey (RORO) – £ 100.00 + VAT; Wasted journey (Skip) – £ 75.00 + VAT.) If you wish to cancel any booking please note that we require at least 4-hour notice and the notification must be sent to [email protected].

2. It is the GBN Services Ltd.’s policy to issue tickets for all collections and a signature will be obtained providing it is freely available. If a signature is not obtained the customer will accept the record kept by the carrier as being adequate proof of service.

3. The price agreed between GBN Services Ltd and the customer does not include any parking cost. All parking fines are the customer’s responsibility.

4. Please note all plasterboard waste has to be segregated otherwise contamination fee may apply.

5. If the vehicle is kept waiting longer than permitted GBN Services Ltd reserves the right to charge waiting time to the customer. Additional time will be charged at £ 1.00 + VAT per minute.

6. Skips can be hired for a maximum period of 14 days. Extensions are available on application. GBN Services Ltd reserves the right to charge customers additional rental for hire that exceeds the maximum rental period allowed. Details of charging rates are available on request.

7. Skips/containers cannot be moved once sited. Wheelie bins cannot be moved to a different site once delivered.

8. Payment terms are dependent on the type of account the client holds i.e. cash account or invoice account.

9. Any queries regarding an invoice must be received by GBN Services Ltd in writing within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.

10. The customer warrants as a term of this contract that he has lawfully obtained every necessary permission or licence from the local authority which may be required in connection with the use of containers supplied under this contract.

11. Customers shall provide adequate warning lights on containers left on the public highway or any place they are likely to cause damage or injury to third parties during the hours of darkness and they shall also ensure the level and safe loading (and in particular the even distribution of weight) of materials into the containers. Customer shall also ensure that containers are not overloaded, whether by volume or weight. Failure to do so will result in a wasted journey charge at the current rate. Any overweight load will incur an extra charge per tonne at the current rate.

12. Any waste deemed as hazardous (fridges, freezers, monitors, screens, bulbs or tyres) by an absolute or mirror entry in European Waste Catalogue must not be placed in the containers unless by prior written agreement with the GBN.

13. Unless previously notified to us the waste producer warrants that the waste does not contain any special waste or any concentrations of any explosive, highly flammable, noxious, poisonous or polluting substance.

14. Please note we do not accept any carpet tiles and safes. Any sofas, armchairs and mattresses incur extra charges.

15. The customer shall ensure their SIC code is correct and that you agree with all load sizes and waste type descriptions on Waste Transfer Notes before signing as a signature is confirmation of your agreement. Any advice or recommendation given by GBN Services Ltd or its employees to the customer or its agent as to the collection or any associated matter, which is not confirmed in writing by an Authorised Officer of GBN is followed or acted upon entirely at the customer’s own risk and accordingly GBN shall not be liable for any such advice or recommendation which is not confirmed.

16. If through operational difficulties GBN is not able to service the customer at the scheduled time, GBN reserves the right to reschedule the service to the earliest possible opportunity without liability to GBN. Customers shall reimburse us in respect of any loss or damages to the equipment whilst on hire to them from whatever cause the same may arise (except for wear and tear).

17. The customer shall also fully indemnify us in respect of any claims for injury to persons or property arising out of the use of the containers howsoever the same may be caused or arise.


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